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1. The Airport

Airport Operator: Corporación Aeroportuaria del Esta, S.A. (CAE) (a private corporate international airport operated by Puntacana Resort & Club)
Airport General Manager: 809-959-2376 ext 1701
Airport ICAO Code: MDPC
Airport IATA Code: PUJ
Airport of Entry: APOE
Operating Hours: 24/7
Airport Category Code: 4E
Airport ARFF Code: Category 9 (ICAO Annex 14)
Runways: 09-27 PCN 63/R/B/X/U 08-26 (under construction, ready in 2011)
Runway Center Coordinates: 18º34'02.52"N, 068º21'48.35" Elev.10.21 m
Runway Length: 3100 meters (Future Rwy 08-26 same length/width)
Runway Width: 45 meters.
Taxiways: A Width: 23 m to International Ramp
B Width: 23 m to International Ramp
C Width: 10 m General Aviation Cat A & B
D Width: 23 m from International Ramp
E Width: 25 m (Parallel taxiway)
F Width: 18 m to General Aviation/FBO
Ramp Capacity: 14 Positions (mix of jumbo/wide/narrow body acft)
International Ramp Size: Approx 54,000 M2, lighted, marked. Parking positions 1-8 have fuel hydrants, all others by truck.
Types of aircraft: A300, A310, A320, A330, A340, ATR 42, ATR 72, B717, B727,B737, B747, B757, B767, B777, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, L1011, MD-11 and MD-80 series.
Aircraft Fuel Services: Texaco/Esso. 809-959-0139. Aircraft fuel hydrant system, 4 hydrant pump-trucks, and 5 Fuel trucks.
Aircraft Fuel Type: Av-Jet-A1, Avgas 100/130
Fuel Storage: Jet A: 750,000 gal.: Avgas 100/130: 20,000 gal.
Aircraft Apron Services: AVIAM, full service aircraft parking and ground support equipment, stair trucks, push-back vehicles, tow bars, tugs, baggage belt loaders, containers and dollies, power carts, aircraft cleaning etc.
Aircraft Catering Service: Caribbean Catering Service (CCS) for all international and corporate aircraft.
Aircraft Waste Disposal: On-airport incinerator and waste disposal (AVIAM)
Airport Terminal Building:

Departure Terminals:

(US$20 dept tax)
Terminal 1, Departure Gates 1-4;
Terminal 2 Departure Gates 5-10;
132 ticket-counter positions with RESA-CREWS passenger processing system and printers;
Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS);
Airport and Airline offices;
Security and Immigrations offices;
12 Departure Immigrations counter positions;
5 Security Check Points;
Ten departure gates;
VIP Departure Lounge;
Children's play area;
Food Court;
Telephones, restrooms, ATM;
Concessions; Duty Free Shop

Arrival Terminal:

Tourist card counter (US$10);
12 arrival immigrations counter positions; Agriculture and government inspection offices;
First Aid Station;
Nine arrival baggage belts;
Airline baggage Claim;
Baggage carts and baggage service assistance;
Customs Inspection Stations,
Tour operator booths,
Taxi service, bus service, rental car service;
Bank, food and beverage service, and information

Airport General Aviation:

FBO Terminal

Located west of the international terminal, FBO serves executive general aviation, national and international charter. Staffed by airport operations personnel it provides all standard general aviation, executives jet services, national and international charter flights are available on daily for country destinations.

VIP Terminal (Private):

Located east of the International Terminal, the VIP Terminal is a private terminal and aircraft parking apron. Prior permission from airport management is required to use the private VIP terminal.

2. Navigation, Visual and Radio Aids:

VOR/DME: 112.70 (PNA)
NDB: 425 (PCA)
Control Tower: 118.80 (Institute Dominican Aviation Civil (IDAC))
Approach Control: 119.70
Emergency: 121.50
Ground Control: 121.90
Airport Apron Coordination: 131.75 (Airport Operations assigns parking)
GPS/RNAV: Procedures published in Jeppesen
Restrictions: Departure Runway 09, climb to minimum of 1000 feet before right turn.
VFR: Right hand traffic pattern
PAPI: Runway 09-27 at 3 degrees
Approach Lights: SALS with sequence flashing lights, Rwy 09 only
Runway Lights: High Intensity Runway Lights (HIRLs)
Taxiway Lights: All taxiways have double circuit blue lights
Rotating Beacon: Green and White, located on top the ATC tower
Wind Cones: 3 lighted, Rwy 09, mid-field and Rwy 27
Airfield Markings: ICAO standards; Non-precision runway
Airport Surveillance radar (ASR): ICAO Standard, Primary, MSSR Mode S
Doppler Weather Radar: Only Doppler Weather Radar in the Dominican Republic.
Meteorological services: Provided by Dominican Office of Meteorological Services (ONAMET) available 24/7, located on the second floor of the control tower complex.
Other Comments: ATC-provided progressive taxi service on request. ATC controllers speak English and Spanish. Flight planning and NOTAMS are available at the Control Tower, first and second floors. Aircraft arrivals and parking positions are controlled and assigned by airport operations SLOT program. 809-959-2376, call for Ramp 1. Airport open 24/7 but FBO only from 0800-2100 local time. All after hour GA must park at International North Ramp for mandatory government inspections. GA fuel service restricted from 1PM to 3PM daily due to heavy international commercial traffic.

3. More Airport Facts

  1. PUJ is the Dominican Republic's leading destination: With over 5 million international arrivals in 2013, Punta Cana International Airport manages the second largest airport in the Caribbean. About 400 flights arrive per week.
  2. Size: Total size of Punta Cana International Airport: 2,000,000 Mts2. Number of runways: 2. Length of runways: first 10, 171.28 feet long and second of 9,920 feet long.
  3. Movements: Annual air transport movements in 2013: 5,163,409 –International flights. Daily average air transport movements in 2013: 14,146 – International flights.
  4. Aircraft stands: Number of remote stands: 17.
  5. Destinations and Airlines: Number of Airlines: 76. Number of destinations served: 96 Cities, 28 Countries.
  6. Passenger numbers: Number of passengers arriving and departing per day: average arriving 7,096, departing 7,050. Number of passengers arriving and departing in 2013: arriving 2,589,980, departing 2,573,446. Busiest day ever recorded (passenger numbers): Arriving 3/23/2013 13,746 / Departing 3/30/2013 13,434. Busiest year ever recorded (passenger numbers): 2013 with 2,589,980 arriving and  2,573,446 departing. Percentage of international passengers in 2013:98%. Percentage of domestic passengers in 2013: 2%. Percentage of business travelers in 2012: 3.96%. Percentage of other leisure travelers in 2012: 3.98%.
  7. Passenger volume by terminal (millions) 2013: Terminal 1 – 1,106,555. Terminal 2 – 1,466,891.
  8. Cargo: Cargo tonnage in 2013: 3,497.
  9. Terminals; Areas per Terminal: Terminal 1 – 25,000 square meters. Terminal 2 – 26,300 square meters.
  10. Most popular destinations:                                                                                                                   •    Toronto
    •    Paris
    •    Miami
    •    Panama
    •    Montreal
    •    Charlotte
    •    New York
    •    Moscow
    •    Atlanta
    •    Newark
    •    Philadelphia  
  11. Year each terminal opened: Terminal 1 – 1984. Terminal 2 – 2004. Terminal C - 2013.
  12. Location: The eastern coast of the Dominican Republic, less than 2 hours’ drive the nation’s capital, Santo Domingo.
  13. Post office: Stamps and mail delivery drop-off are available.
  14. Local time: Caribbean Eastern Time (GMT -0400), in winter this is one hour earlier than Eastern Standard Time in the US. The Dominican Republic does not practice daylight savings time.
  15. Noise abatement: Applied to flight paths and other aircraft operations.
  16. Eco philosophy: The airport was awarded with 2009 Conde Naste World Savers Award for advancements in ecological sustainability. The airport practices Zero Waste, an integrated solid waste management program, as part of our commitment to the natural environment, the local community, and providing high quality services to our guests and residents. By participating actively in our recycling program you are helping to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to the local landfill, potential health problems caused by improper waste management, thus protecting the local community from contamination from the landfill, making Punta Cana a better place to live.
  17. Contact: To reach us by telephone, call +1 809 668 4749 or toll free from the USA & Canada 888 442 2262.

Contact PUJ Airport

To reach PUJ airport by telephone, call +1 809 668 4749 or toll free from the USA & Canada 888 442 2262.
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